Bubs n Grubs Reveal How To Choose the Best Baby Cot

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Bubs and Grubs Baby Shop Are Experts in Baby Cots

Bubs n Grubs Reveal How To Choose the Best Baby Cot

Bubs n Grubs understand that every parent wants to choose the best baby cot for their baby – the real question is – Do you really need to spend $1200+ on a cot? In this article, Bubs n Grubs reviews the cot features in different price ranges, and recommends the Baby Cots Bubs n Grubs believes is best – for your baby, and for your wallet.

Babyhood Milano Cot

We are often told that you get what you pay for. Before you go and burn over a thousand dollars for your baby cot you may wish to reconsider this. An expensive baby cot is not always the best choice, as we will reveal.

Bubs n Grubs have looked at just about every cot on the Australian market and have been very disappointed in general with what is offered. The ones that we recommend as the best value are only around $400 and are much better than a lot of the $1200 plus baby cots out there.

Make sure you take your tape measure with you when shopping for a cot. It is very important to look at the height from the base that the mattress sits above the bottom of the cot rail – the rail that moves up and down.

Some of the more expensive cots on the market have only 60cm from the base to the top of the rail when the mattress is in it’s lowest position. When you put a mattress in the cot, the height is reduced even more.  Some cot manufacturers offer really thick mattresses and the height from the top of the mattress to the top of the rail is even less. This can be dangerous because before too long your baby is a toddler and can jump or fall out of these cots.

Another thing to look for when purchasing a cot is to make sure it has all four sides with slats. It is very important that the air can circulate freely around your baby while they sleep. Some babies push all their bedding to the end of the cot and jam their face up against it. Most babies don’t come to any harm doing this but an open ended cot (with slats) is preferable because the air can still get through the slats. In a solid ended cot the baby will get hot and sweaty doing this.

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When looking at the different baby cots available on the market, look for practical features.  A Single Hand Dropside is not a practical idea if the mechanism makes loud banging noises when you raise and drop the side of the cot.  On the other hand, if it is quiet and easy to use, a single hand dropside is a fantastic feature.

All babies go through the teething stages. If you have ever seen a cot after it has been used for a child, they will often look terrible as the rails are covered in teeth marks. If you can find a cot with teething rails as standard, this will save you money from paying $50 per rail and it will also preserve the original look enabling you to re-use it for your second child or sell it when you are finished with it. Bubs n Grubs has cots that include teethng rails and ones that don’t.

Make sure that the timber of the cot does not contain knots through it which will jeapardise the structural integrity. We have seen many cots that have been sold in the country who claim they use top grade NZ Pine, but when reviewing them, there is no way they have. Bubs n Grubs recommend asking the seller if it is CLEAR GRADE NZ pine (this is higher quality than A Grade). Clear Grade NZ Pine has been kiln dried which means is is harder to dent and wont warp over time in high humidity environments.

Another nice feature to look for when buying a baby cot is if a Trundle Drawer or Tidy Drawer is available which means you can utilise that dead space underneath the cot. These are practical and great space savers whilst keeping the nursery neat and tidy.

Babyhood Cots offer all of the benefits and quality that we discussed above. Bubs n Grubs are a long time partner of Babyhood products and know them well.

When transitioning a child from the Toddler bed to a Single bed, Bubs n Grubs suggest the cot/toddler bed stays in your child’s room and is available for her to use for at least 8 weeks after she starts to sleep in the bed at night. The reason I say this is, in my experience, most children are happy in the new big bed for 6 weeks and then they decide to test the boundaries.

You will need the cot available to get over this hurdle as they transition from the cot / toddler bed to a single bed.

The most important thing to look at is the cot mattress.  In our next article, we will discuss the details of which mattresses are the best as there is a lot to this subject.

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