Bubs n Grubs Advice on Decorating Your Baby Nursery

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Bubs and Grubs Online Baby Store Are Experts in Nursery Design

Bubs n Grubs Advice on Decorating Your Baby Nursery

In this article, Bubs n Grubs gives tips and advice on you how to decorate your baby Nursery. Bubs & Grubs offer an in home Baby Nursery Design service in Brisbane and share some tips on setting up a beautiful yet safe baby nursery.

Bubs n Grubs Decorating The NurseryParticularly if you’re expecting your first baby, nursery decorating can seem overwhelming. There’s just a tiny bit of time to make so many huge decisions. You anticipate a panic-attack.  Don’t worry and get stressed – this is bad for you and your baby.  Stay calm instead. Breathe deeply.  It can be fun to design a baby nursery, if you do it a little at a time.

Follow the Next 14 Points by Bubs n Grubs and setting up your baby nursery will become a lot easier.

Bubs n Grubs Tips:

One:  Don’t let the room not fall prey to a child’ s pranks. Consider safety as being your main concern when you are thinking about the design process. This is more important than anything else and is always Bubs n Grubs first priority when designing nurseries.

Two:  Think about what you have to spend. Your precious baby will not care if you have provided the most perfect nursery with every possible design element and sophisticated equipment. The baby would be equally content sleeping in a dresser drawer as an antique cradle or satin-lined bassinet. Focus on buying things that are functional first and secondly beautiful, as stains are a fact of life. When the infant vomits and has an accident, one desires to pay attention to the baby instead of the expensive spoiled sheets.

Three:  On measuring the room, note it down on a tiny card that can be placed inside your wallet. You’ll have to bring such measurements with you as you shop for furnishings and paint and things. If you unexpectedly come upon a quality item at a Baby Shop like Bubs n Grubs, you can have the measurement information on hand.

Four:  Layout a plan. So that you don’t have to walk around things or to avoid the risk of tripping over something when you come for the baby in the middle of the night put the cot close to the entrance. Bubs n Grubs always advise to try not to put the cot right near your window as it could be drafty.

The baby cot and the changing table should be located near each other. If the baby pees, you don’t want to pick him up and move him to the other side of the room.

A soothing way to nurse your child is to place your glider chair near a window so that you can gaze outdoors.

If you have a window, perhaps put the glider chair you’ll nurse in, near it so you can look outdoors.

Bubs n Grubs Stress that you must determine the very largest storage area you can imagine needing, then double it. More baby items will pile up over time. The baby could be injured if an object is placed and falls from a shelf above the baby’s crib so Bubs n Grubs always advise to consider this when positioning furniture in the baby nursery. Bubs n Grubs suggest this is a common mistake made by lots of first time parents.

Five:  Pick out a cot for your baby. You should select a baby cot that is safe and easy to use. The professional Staff at Bubs n Grubs Baby Shop can help you with this. There is more to a cot than most people realise.  The main piece of your baby’s nursery will be the cot. Utilize your time well. Before buying you must look at the shape, design, finishing and longevity of the product. Horizontal slats on a crib invite the infant to attempt to climb out, which could have a poor result. Purchase a crib with vertical slats to prevent the possible climbing accident. To prevent the baby from getting his or her head stuck make sure the slats are close enough.

You may have to think of these things if you are using an old cot but the newer models will incorporate both these features.

Six:  Buy furniture for the nursery that go with the cot you have. To properly breast feed a child you will need the following: a clock, hamper, changing table, bed stand, and a chair. Preferably a proper breast feeding Glider Chair. Bubs n Grubs offer a very good range of Glider Chairs and know the differences between ones that do the job properly and are built to last.

Important safety tip: It’s crucial to fasten all furniture to the wall, excluding the chair. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission there have been 180 deaths involving heavy furniture (between 2000 and 2006). A child may be much more able to pull open a drawer than you think. The best thing is to make anything you put into this room very secure. Bubs n Grubs have a large range of Home Safety products which they can discuss with you.

Seven:  Pick the near-bed-time lighting that’s right for you. New research shows that turning out all lights in the bedroom can be beneficial for the infant after he/she has been placed in the crib.   Bubs n Grubs have a good range of night lights for babies and children – chat to the Bubs n Grubs staff and they will give you guidance in this area.

Eight:  Select your flooring. Will you want it to coordinate with the rest of your house’s decor? Are there allergies in your or your spouse’s past? If this happens, your child can be sensitive too. Before selecting, remember to consider this. There can be allergens in wall to wall carpeting, so using a floor of hardwood and an area rug (that are easily washable) You could be just right. Bubs n Grubs suggest that white cots look fantastic on a timber floor!

Nine:  Think about whether you want to use a nursery motif with which to decorate. You can choose any theme from pirates to flowers, or you can be more up-to-date and use animals. You have to think about the future of the room, while decorating. Will it be necessary to repaint the room when the child is older? Bubs n Grubs can discuss and show you the large range of bedding themes and wall decor available on the market.

Ten:  Come with a plan in your use of color. Your nursery theme will influence this if you have a theme.  Use neutrals such as ecru, tan, yellow, or pastel green when you aren’t sure of your baby’s sex.

Eleven:  The baby nursery has to be made impressive. Your much-awaited shopping for your baby nursery has come. Select the paint/wallpaper, wall decor, photos, and bed linens. Sewing and gluing items need to be bought. Put the furniture together in the nursery, if you can, so there won’t be any problems with big items not going through the door. Let the room come alive!

Twelve:  Nursery curtains need to be hung. Put in a room darkening shade so your little one will sleep well in daytime hours if the room is very sunny. Bubs n Grubs remind you that you need to keep the cot away from curtains – this is a key safety point.

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Thirteen:     Have necessary accessories in your baby nursery:
The baby monitor.
On or near the changing table put the nappies, wipes, ointment, burp cloths, receiving blankets, outfits and a toy or two.
A Rubbish Bin be placed (or a disposal system for nappies that lessens their odor) Right near the changing table area.

Fourteen:  Don’t worry about anything, just relax and enjoy the thought of your new baby who will soon come and make your life forever better.

Bubs n Grubs will gladly give you advice and guidance when it comes to setting up your nursery and more importantly making is a safe baby nursery.


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