Bubs n Grubs Announces the New UppaBaby Alta Stroller and Georgia Sleigh Cot

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Bubs and Grubs Online Baby Store Are Experts in Baby Cots

Bubs n Grubs Offers the New State-of-the-art UppaBaby Alta Stroller and the Gorgeous Georgia Sleigh Cot

written by: Stephanie Mee

When it comes to baby furniture and equipment for your little ones, Bubs and Grubs always advise that safety is the highest priority, followed y comfort, convenience, durability, and model . At Bubs n Grubs we offer two new products that cover all of your bases. The UppaBaby Alta Stroller permits you to take young babies and toddlers out on the town in model without possessing to sacrifice comfort or safety. When you return from your journey, you can settle your child en in to the attractive Georgia Sleigh Cot for a good night’s rest full of sweet dreams . Both of these products from Bubs n Grubs are guaranteed to satisfy both dad and mom and children .

The UppaBaby Alta Stroller from Bubs n Grubs

The UppaBaby Alta Stroller from Bubs n Grubs is the newest trendy , yet safe and durable baby stroller on the industry . This full-sized stroller is roomy, yet still small and easy to carry. Kids will love going on excursions in the UppaBaby Alta Stroller because it has a super at ease seat that can be rotated forward or backward. This way kids can watch the journey unfold or keep an eye on Mom or Dad. The canopy can be positioned to accommodate both tall and short child en and it comes with rain and insect shields, as well as a sunshade with SPF 50 protection. In addition, the rubber tires on the UppaBaby Alta Stroller have state-of-the-art suspension to make the ride as clean as possible.

dad and mom will also love using the UppaBaby Alta Stroller as it has many practical features. The adjustable handlebar on the UppaBaby Alta Stroller is easy on the fingers and can be adjusted to accommodate the height of any parent. There is also a massive package underneath the carriage to shop water sizes , purses, groceries, and nappy bags. Furthermore , the UppaBaby Alta Stroller from Bubs n Grubs is easy to fold away and shop as there is a one-step folding mechanism that is straightforward to use. Bubs n Grubs knows that when it comes to strollers, both baby and dad and mom want to enjoy the ride. That is why we cannot say enough about the UppaBaby Alta Stroller.

Alta Stroller by UppaBaby

The Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot from Bubs n Grubs

Bubs n Grubs highly recommends the gorgeous Georgia Sleigh Cot for its elegant design , Australian standard safety features, and long-lasting durability. Each Georgia Sleigh Cot from Bubs n Grubs is made with pure New Zealand Pine, which is dried in a kiln so that it will not warp or crack . This makes the cots some of the hardiest, safest, and most durable on the industry . In addition, the cots are painted with many coats of Stained paint, which means they will not flake off or look patchy, even after a great deal of wear and tear.

Always Remember, Bubs and Grubs Baby Shop Guarantee the Lowest Prices in Australia on Baby Cots

At Bubs n Grubs, we know that safety comes initial when it comes to little ones. That is why each and each and every cot is tested to make sure it stands up to the national safety standards in Australia. each and every Georgia Sleigh Cot we sell has teething rails that are sturdy and strong , and only come off when you want them to. In addition, the cot can be converted to a toddler bed with a straightforward mechanism that locks into place when it is not in use. Moreover , the hardwood base in the bottom of the cot means that your child has an extra level of support while they sleep.

Let Bubs n Grubs help you make the joys of parenthood that much more satisfying with our high quality baby furniture and equipment like the UppaBaby Alta Stroller and the Georgia Sleigh Cot. Give your little one comfort and model while keeping them safe and happy.

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