Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot Review by Bubs n Grubs

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Today, Bubs n Grubs review the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot in detail.

The Latest Model of the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh cot now converts to a toddler bed without the need to purchase toddler rails! Another great Feature of this Sleigh Cot from Bubs n Grubs is that it now has the new rounded teething rail design which is easier on babies mouth.

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Babyhood Georgia Sleigh CotBesides the beautiful elegant Sleigh Design, the one thing that makes the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot stand out from the rest is Babyhood’s unique single hand drop side mechanism.  The single hand dropside mechanism designed and mastered by babyhood is the quietest and easiest to us single hand dropside on the market today. Unlike other brands of cots Bubs n Grubs have tested, babyhood’s dropside mechanism makes the whole concept of being able to drop the side of the cot while holding baby in one hand and not waking baby REAL. Other brands simply do not match up.  They are either difficult to use or make such a loud banging and clunk noise that it defeats the purpose of a single hand dropside entirely.

The dropside mechanism on this sleigh cot is an internal mechanism meaning that a baby wont be able to get fingers caught which can happen with external mechanisms found on so many other Sleigh cots. Bubs n Grubs comment that this is still a common fault on a lot of cots being sold online in Australia.

The Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot boasts all the common quality benefits of all of the babyhood range of cots including using clear grade New Zealand Pine (the best grade available) while other brands use A Grade or less.

A Trundle Drawer that is not attached to the cot which has been designed to fit under a single bed for use after your child has outgrown a cot or using it as a toddler bed. Trundle drawers that are part of the cot are unable to be used later in the child’s life. This is another option available for the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot that we and our Bubs n Grubs customers love!

Something else worth noting is that the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot is “Furntech Tested”.  Furntech is known as the best testing facility in the country.  Most cots these days are using testing facilities located overseas which are no where as stringent as Furntech. Passing The furntech testing procedures means that we can all be assured of superior quality and safety when it comes to the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot. This is becoming a key criteria now for Bubs n Grubs before they decide to sell any baby cot.

The matching Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Change table is practical as well with 2 shelves and optional wheels. This gives you the ability to easily move the change table from room to room as you need. If you want to, you can upgrade the change table to another version which has a drawer as well as two shelves! What a great idea.

Babyhood use several coats of staining to give it the beautiful finish whilst still being able to see the grain of the timber unlike other brands who give a single coat.  The stain used of course is non-toxic as well.

Like all cots that meet Australian standards, the Georgia Sleigh Cot has a height adjustable mattress. This will to ensure your child can not easily get out during the middle of the night, so don’t forget to drop the mattress height as soon as baby is able to sit up on their own!

There is also a matching 4 drawer dresser in a sleigh design called the Babyhood Amani Dresser available to go with this cot. The Dresser has been designed with dual functionality so that it can be used as a change table as well as a 4 drawer dresser.

The Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot, change table and matching dresser gets 5 out of 5 from us!

See the video review of the Babyhood Georgia Sleigh Cot that we have put together so you can see it in action and reviewed by us!

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